Shenyang Qita entity Doll is a domestic top-class entity doll manufacturer, which is jointly created by Shenyang Beauty Advertising and Shenyang Jintu Design.Shenyang style Advertising is the most elite sales team in Northeast China. It has many years of sales, promotion and media PR experience in media, social platform, activities and other fields.Shenyang Jintu Design is a leading domestic city sculpture and waxworks production company. The exhibits are displayed in the Xinjiang Shaublak Museum, the Tacheng Museum, Changchun Clean Government Education Base and other large exhibition halls.And KingTu design also has the outstanding special effect makeup team, this also makes the Kita entity doll in the face, the makeup and so on each aspect has the huge superiority compared with other manufacturers.After fully combining the advantages of R & D team and sales team, Qiaher entity Doll has become the leading doll manufacturer in China.

Shenyang QITA sex doll